Have you suffered a security breach?

Incident response

Whether the breach is actual or suspected, the first steps you take to respond are critical to a successful outcome. There are many complex challenges and pitfalls, and when stress levels are at a maximum it helps to be able to turn to an experienced specialist.

We can help you understand the nature and scale of the breach and develop a response plan that quickly brings things under control and sets you on a course to recovery. We have helped many local businesses overcome serious issues, such as:

We can work with you as part of an internal investigation; helping determine whether your suspicions are founded before taking further action. If things turn out to be more serious we can support you on both civil and criminal cases.

We are trained and qualified in handing digital evidence, and in giving evidence in court on these matters.

Incident response planning

Ideally every organisation should have a tried and tested security incident response plan. This is similar to a business continuity plan, but specifically designed around security incidents. We also have expertise in this area and can help you develop a plan and build a response capability. Our services include: